Talk On illegal Refineries

This is another posturing statement which is only a self- serving ! What role has the Senator played within his party or the senate to effect a change for the better of workers ? 

 ning in well known refineries locally and abroad makes him an object of ridicule. 

Moreover, playing to the public gallery under the pretence of saying somethings profound at the expense of President Buhari exposes his insincerity and utter ignorance of the subject. The fuel scarcity problem can never be solved by production from the so-called "illegal refineries" operated by criminals in the Niger Delta.
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Oshioke Audu to Edo Political Forum

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has asked Governors complaining of the minimum wage to try and live on N18,000 for one month.
Additionally, He asked if even Dogs in Government House are feed with N18,000 in a month.

And He is just talking common sense.


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